Joaquín Vila  (Madrid, Spain, 1980)

Bachelor´s degree in Fine Arts in Madrid (2004), postgraduate degree in Design and New Exhibition Formats (2008) and a grant from Unesco for the summer course of the Watermill Foundation, New York , directed by Bob Wilson (2005). 

He has developed his artistic work especially through paper drawings transposed into large scale murals, occasionally using other resources such as photography, sculpture or designing spaces.

His artistic career has been governed by the constant research involving the relationship between art and nature, emphasizing the transformation processes, the connections between city and countryside and the links between human and plants as beings.

He has painted murals and workshops about mural painting in Spain, Germany, Morocco, Colombia and Jamaica, for children, adolescents, youth with functional diversity and youth at risk of social exclusion.

Currently lives and works in Madrid, Spain, making illustrations, painting murals and workshops for kids, about creativity and mural painting.


2008 Scholarship of Practice at MACBA , Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona , Department of Coordination, for the exhibition Universal Archive , The Condition of the Document and the Modern Photographic Utopia , curated by Jorge Ribalta .
2005 UNESCO Fellowship . Summer course in Performing Arts. Watermill Foundation, directed by Robert Wilson . New York. USA .
2000-2004 College Scholarship for all courses of the Bachelor of Fine Arts at the UEM, European University of Madrid


2013 Selected, II Young Painting Contest of Gijón, Asturias.
2013 Selected, XVIII Youth Contest Painters. Gazette Foundation. Salamanca.
2012 Selected, Graffiti Contest Culturaquí. Asturias.
2010 2nd Prize Graffitti and Mural Painting , FAC Street Art Festival of Sant Adrià de Besos ,Barcelona . In collective with Flip.
2002 1st Prize Painting Competition of UEM.


2010 Projekthaus, Potsdam, Germany.


2011 Art, Nature and Urban Agriculture. Agroecology Seminar: Science, Encounters and Knowledge. National University of Colombia. Venue of Palmira. Colombia.
2011 Art and Self-management. University of Antioquia. Fine Arts. Medellin.Colombia.


2015 The Unity of Being. La Paloma, Ibiza, Spain.
2014 Joaquín Vila. Octógono Gallery. Avilés, Asturias.
2013 Jamaican Breeze. Westender Inn Hotel. Negril,  Jamaica.
2012 Roots and other ways of understanding. Casa de  Cultura. Avilés. Asturias.


2014 Most Wanted Graffiti Festival, Gijón, Asturias.
2014 World ayahuasca conference, Palacio de  Congresos, Ibiza.
2014 Re.colectivo Rural Gallery. Go Furthur Gathering,  Avila.
2014 Trees conferences. Santolaya de Cabranes,  Asturias.
2013 Oviedo Art Fair. With Lola Orato Gallery. Oviedo,  Asturias.
2013 Ideas para un jardín planetario. Lola Orato  Gallery. Oviedo, Asturias.
2012 Códigos Abiertos. Laboral Art Center. Gijón.
2012 Enjambre. Ecolab, Laboral Art Center, Gijón.
2012 #Kedarte2012. Rural meetings: Art and  technologies. Salamanca.
2010 Sin Huella. Art & Nature fusions, Huesca.
2010 Free Art Celebration. Project hause.  Potsdam. Germany.
2008 StripArt. Centre Civic de Guinardó. Barcelona.
2005 EMPTY. Videoart festival. Moscú.
2005 CIMIENTOS. Qué más de arte Gallery. Getafe.  Madrid.
2004 BLOG . Collective . Sala de Arte Injuve of the Community of Madrid